Weekend Stuff and Getting Kids Involved in Environment Week!

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Oh Monday, Monday, Monday. Why does the weekend go so quickly? And it was such a great weekend too… I did some (healthy!) baking, we went to the movies (and yes I did eat a huge choc-mint choc top…of course!), visited a chocolate shop (is it bad that I felt so at home there?), had lunch at a winery, checked out some pretty amazing views at Arthur’s Seat on the Mornington Peninsula and finally got to walk our golden retriever Shari after a week of constant rain! Such a great, relaxing weekend… and now that Monday night has rolled around, I am just staring at the huge piles of washing that didn’t get done on the weekend. Reality sucks. Never mind… it’s not going anywhere (unfortunately!). Here are some photos from our weekend…






Anyway, enough weekend reminising. This week marks Cool Australia’s National Enviroweek…. and considering it is nearly Spring, what better time to get outside and do something good for the environment! So far over 150,000 young Australian’s have signed up to take on some of the Enviroweek challenges (I’m pretty super proud of our Grade 2 kids for getting involved).


National Enviroweek is aimed at young Australians and encourages them to take positive action to create a sustainable future and also to raise awareness of environmental issues.


Even if you don’t sign up to be involved in the formal challenges, there are still so many great ideas that you can pinch and easily have a go at doing at home with your own kids.


The challenges are:

1. Green Thumb – Plant a veggie garden (yes, yes, it’s nearly Spring!)…. perfect veggie planting time. Whip out those gloves and get diggin’.

2. Traveller – Walk or ride a bike to school. Soooo much easier now that the weather is improving! I remember walking to school with my brother when we were in primary school and I loved it (except when it rained and I was so incredibly grateful to see Mum waiting at the gate in our nice, warm car!).

3. Waste Warrior – Drink water out of the tap rather than buying bottles of water. To be honest, I think kids are actually really good at drinking out of taps and filling their drink bottles up at the bubble taps at recess and lunch! Must be somewhere between being in primary school and becoming an adult that buying endless bottles of water seems to become the norm! This is the challenge I’m taking on this week… being more organised and taking my drink bottle with me so I don’t have to buy bottled water!

4. Foodie – Up your intake of veggies! According to Cool Australia, the amount of meat we eat is way more than is nutritionally recommended. So Enviroweek encourages kids to eat more veggies… pretty easy yeah! Need some ideas, check out these healthy snacks for kids!

5. Shopper – Buy nothing new during the week. I have been hearing about heaps of people lately who have pledged not to buy anything new (except food/medication of course!) for a whole year! While I would love to be as morally awesome as those people, I’m just not. But one week I can do!

6. Tree Hugger – Save paper and save the forests! Kids are encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle paper during the week. Most schools now have recycling bins in their classrooms so that’s a great start for getting into the habit of recycling. And half used pieces of paper make great scrap paper for little crafty projects.

7. Sparky – Save energy by switching off lights and appliances when they aren’t being used. I swear I am signing my husband up for this one because he is terrible at leaving lights on when he leaves rooms. I swear sometimes our house looks like it’s lit up like a darn Christmas tree!

8. Water Lover – save water using Enviroweek’s eight water saving tips. Sorry I have Mondayitis and can’t be bothered typing them all… so check them out hereĀ instead.


If you want to find out more about Cool Australia’s Enviroweek and the different challenges, then just click here. Their website also has heaps of interesting environmental facts. It really is such a simple, easy peasy way to get kids involved in caring for the environment… and hopefully some of the habits they form will carry on long after the week ends!


Oh and I forgot to mention this on the weekend… my class finally voted for their favourite shortlisted book out of the finalists for the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards. They overwhelmingly (like 15 out of 22 kids) chose Sophie Scott Goes South by the brilliant Alison Lester. Too Many Elephants In This House got a couple of votes as well. Interestingly, none of the kids voted for The Coat or The Terrible Suitcase which were the winners in the Picture Book and Early Childhood Book categories. To be honest I think I agree with them. Sophie Scott Goes South and Too Many Elephants In This House were pretty fabulous books… little kids truly are the best judges!


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  1. says

    that’s interesting. I’ve just ordered the winner and honour picture books from the library to see what all the fuss is about. maybe I should have ordered those ones as well… Regarding enviroweek – I was in the bathroom the other day and started looking at how much paper there was – I counted about 12 different types, including paper towel, tissues, toilet paper, labels on bottles, bandaid wrappers, can’t remember the rest now but – it’s just insane how much we consume without even realising it! And don’t even think about plastic…

    • Bake*Play*Smile says

      That’s great about the books! I’d love to know what you think of them! Oh I know the amount of paper around our house is ridiculous too! Really makes you stop and think about how much is actually necessary! :-)

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