Starting the September Photo A Day Challenge!

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Hello September! Hello spring! I have missed you both! I will not be sad to kiss goodbye to winter, although if I’m being really honest, the weather actually hasn’t been too awful the last few months. Nevertheless, hears to blooming flowers, longer and sunnier days, and eating yummy spring fruits and vegetables! And what a beautiful start to spring today has been! Melbourne… 25 degrees? Who would believe it!


Sooo, about a month or so ago I posted my belated new years resolutions (look six months late is not that bad!). Anyway, if you missed them, you can check them out here.


One of those resolutions was to try new things. I am the biggest creature of habit. I like routine. I like organisation. I’m not the best at going out of my comfort zone. I’ve been pretty good at trying out some new recipes lately… but that’s about where it ends! There are a few things I really want to have a go trying, like learning how to sew (Mum, stop laughing), doing a few cooking and decorating classes, travelling more etc. But one other thing that I’m not good at doing and would like to do more of, is take photos. Ok, so I take photos of food, but that’s just because I love food. But I don’t really take that many other photos. Which leads me to the September Photo a Day Challenge.


One of the blogs I follow is Fat Mum Slim – it’s such a great blog! Each month she does a photo challenge where you have a list of things you need to take photos of during the month. I’ve always thought it was a cool idea, but have never gotten around to doing it myself. This month I am going to have a go! I can’t promise I’ll remember to take a photo everyday, but I’ll try my hardest. I’ll be posting them on Instagram to keep myself honest… otherwise I’ll just slack off and be distracted by other things (like eating cake).


If you want to have a go at completing the challenge yourself, then here is the list. Don’t forget to check out the Fat Mum Slim blog too for all the details of how to play along!


Today’s photo is ‘Together’. So just a be a little offbeat and not go the obvious route (which I’ll probably be doing for the rest of the month!), I took a photo of some chocolate dipped strawberries I made today. Seriously, does anything go ‘together’ better than chocolate and strawberries? I think not!


Wish me luck with trying to take some semi-decent photos during the month!

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