A few of my favourite blogs!

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Over the past year or so I have really gotten into reading blogs… in fact I am just a tad obsessed/crazy stalker addicted to it! I love getting to peep inside other people’s lives and there are so, so, so many amazing, inspirational people out there. I loooove the personal blogs written by everyday women and also all of the ridiculously awesome baking blogs out there! Reading these blogs was what got me motivated to create Bake Play Smile and that in itself has been such a great experience for me and I am very, very grateful for it… even if it’s put me so far out of my nice little comfort zone it’s not even funny! But now that my little baby of a blog has been around for about 3 months and has had over 15,000 views (thank you, thank you, thank you for reading… I love you for it!), I thought it was about time I spread the blogging love and let you know about my favourite blogs that I am insanely addicted to.



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1. Retro Mummy – this was the first blog that I started following. There is something so beautiful and endearing about Corrie and her family. She has gorgeous kids and  posts yummy recipes! She really makes me want to learn how to sew and knit… if only I had the patience (and skill!).


2. Katie 180 – hehe this is by far one of the funniest blogs I follow! Katie is a nutritionist and mum who is pregnant with her second bub. She is hilarious and I love her practical, honest and straight-forward take on nutrition, food and life in general.


3. Sally’s Baking Addiction – everything this chicky bakes I want to eat… her recipes are so incredibly drool worthy! The only problem with her blog is that she has sooo many amazing recipes, which makes it impossible to choose just one to bake.


4. Brown Eyed Baker – Michelle has a really beautiful blog. She is always posting yummy recipes with gorgeous photos. I am also a bit in love with her golden retriever Einstein, who I think would make a perfect friend for my own golden retriever Shari!


5. Mama Going Solo – I came across Emily’s blog when she nominated me for the Liebster Award a few weeks ago (more about that another day!). She has a really fun way of writing and shares pictures of her gorgeous little girl Pumpkin! So cute!


5. The Imagination Tree – Anna is a primary school teacher in the UK and her blog is all about creative play and learning. Love her clever little education ideas.


6. The First Grade Parade – The brilliant Cara is a teacher in the US and has really great teaching tips. She also has some beautiful printables… like the reading strategy cards I blogged about the other day. How great that there are so many wonderful teachers who are willing to share their resources… the rest of us thank you!


So these are some of my absolute favourite blogs at the moment. There are heaps of others that I love too, but hey, I have to stop somewhere! If you have a blog of your own it would be awesome if you could leave a comment with your details as I would love to check it out (or if you know of a great blog too!). I hope you love all of these blogs as much as I do!



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    • Bake*Play*Smile says

      Oooh Corrie! I’m so starstruck by you! I can’t believe you have commented on my little blog… hoe exciting! I love http://www.retromummy.com and would recommend your blog to absolutely anyone! Thanks for inspiring me to get outside my comfort zone and give blogging a go! :-) Lucy

  1. says

    Hi there Lucy…I’m addicted to reading blogs too LOL! I also love to read Corrie’s blog… Now I’m going to have a look around your blog and get to know you a little! Happy Saturday evening to you…and Bon Appetit!

    • Bake*Play*Smile says

      Hi Dzintra,
      Hehe oh the joys of reading blogs… so many hours of fun! Only problem is that I get so lost in reading blog after blog that I forget how much time I’m spending doing it! Thank god for Bloglovin’… now I can read my favourite ones anywhere (waiting at the dentist… in the supermarket queue!). Love your blog… I have just added you to my Bloglovin’ feed. Ah a fellow foodie! I will certainly be trying some of your delish recipes. Have a lovely weekend and thanks so much for checking my blog out!

  2. Theresa says

    First time reading– your blog is pretty:) Corrie referred me here– cool blog you have! RetroMummy & Katie180 are 2 blogs I too read regularly!! I’m contemplating starting a blog after many Fb comments saying I’m “inspiring” — I love to write & uplift…
    Do you pay for your blog site? Lovely you share teaching tips also; I have a 5&7 yr old & run a community musical Playgroup :-) Love Kids too!! Bye.

    • Bake*Play*Smile says

      Hi Theresa,
      Wow your community musical playgroup sounds amazing! My little nephews would love that! Where are you based? Absolutely you should start a blog… the world needs an inspiring and uplifting person getting their positive thoughts out there! It’s certainly been a challenge setting up my blog (especially when you aren’t the most techno savvy person in the world).. but I have really loved it. So much still do change/improve/do… but it’s great! Yep, I pay a monthly fee of $6.95 for the website, but I’m pretty sure you can get free blogs through sites like blogspot. Good luck! Let me know if you end up setting one up as I’d love to check it out!
      :-) Lucy

      • Theresa says

        Thanks for tips. I am in the Gold Coast; yep love the little children!! And the parents are all enjoying the quality baking & good coffee- I am very passionate about community building & the way I see blogs is they are another form of community. I’ve only had positively inspiring experiences online. My all time go-to ‘help with parenting & life & organising meals’ is Planning With Kids Nicole Avery. Happy Blogging & Teaching. Xo

        • Bake*Play*Smile says

          Ooh I’ll have to check out Nicole’s blog! Thanks for that tip! Oh unfortunately my nephews are in Brisbane, so a little far away! But what a great thing you have got going on! Enjoy your Sunday :-)

  3. says

    I found you through Corrie’s blog too although I hadn’t come across the others on your list so off to check them out now.
    I’ve also been blogging for about 3 months but I’m just a little {ahem ok a lot} off 15,000 views. Go you! :)

    • Bake*Play*Smile says

      Hi TJ,
      Yes Corrie @ Retro Mummy is just so lovely! Hope you enjoy my other faves too!
      What’s your blog address? I’d love to check it out! :-)

      • says

        I’m enjoying checking them all out ~ food blogs especially just suck me in. Partly because my cooking rarely looks that good & partly because even if it did, I couldn’t photograph it that well!
        My blog is at http://phunkblog.com :)

        • Bake*Play*Smile says

          Oh TJ your blog is great! I’ve just been checking it out! Love the crafty magazine… I’m a person in need of creative inspiration!

          • says

            Thanks Lucy,
            It’s not always easy finding time for it but I love it {& it motivates me to find time for crafty pursuits so I have blog fodder!}

  4. Katie180 says

    Hello! I got your email yesterday morning and it was really lovely to receive, I had a full on weekend away from home so I haven’t gotten around to replying yet.
    Thank you for including me in your blog roll, that’s a cute description of me :)
    Katie, x

    • Bake*Play*Smile says

      Hi Katie!
      I have just been reading about your baby shower… sounds like you had a great weekend! Thanks for having such a great blog that I love reading each day!
      :-) Lucy

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