A Few Funny Little Things From the Past Week

Just because it’s mid-week and everyone needs to have a little giggle to get themselves through the remainder of the week… here are some funny things that have cracked me up over the past few days! Hopefully they make you smile too….


1. This hilarious video clip of a 16 year old boy celebrating his bar mitzvah. OMG if only I could dance like this! How cute is he! I love him!! What on earth will he possibly do to top this at his 18th birthday party? Talk about setting the standard high!


2. Now I’m a Sunrise morning TV girl, but I do think Karl on the Today Show is pretty hilarious! He certainly made me laugh during this interview with a grumpy cat (ahhh good old morning telly. It can always be relied on for a funny animal story). Wait for around the 50 second mark…. hilarious! Yeah, I sometimes snort when I laugh really hard as well.


3. I bought our cat Tigger a little heated cat cove so that he would stop sleeping on our couch/bed/car/anywhere else he shouldn’t be. That sort of backfired when he ended up like this….. really!! Get into the cove!



4. Oh Pinterest I do love you! And you haven’t let me down with this cracker of a pin! And yep… it got me!


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5. So this didn’t make me giggle as such, but it did put a HUGE smile on my face… until I kept reading and found out it only applied to men. Apparently, eating a bar (ahem, I think that should be a block!), of chocolate each week, lowers a man’s risk of having a stroke by 17%. So, with that in mind, I will double it and assume that two blocks of chocolate will lower a female’s risk of having a stroke by 34%… do you like my logic? Yep I thought so!


Enjoy the rest of the week!




  1. Love this post …and no 5, makes complete sense to me!

  2. Hahah. These are really funny. Made my day. Thanks!

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